fra bernardo media – state of the art in early music

The idea behind «fra bernardo» label is to create an unmistakable profile in the so-called early music sector: young artists and ensembles are to be offered an international platform and at the same time repertoire outside the mainstream is to be made accessible with the aim of closing some glaring gaps. The most important artists and ensembles include Concerto Stella Matutina, Le Petit Concert Baroque (Chani & Nadja Lesaulnier), Philipp von Steinaecker, Musica Saeculorum, Silvia Frigato, Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli, Mauro Borgioni, Roberto Zarpellon, Ensemble Lorenzo da Ponte, Gambe di Legno, beauty farm (renaissance vocal group) as well as The Sound and the Fury, with their own series, Paradise Regained, dedicated to renaissance vocal polyphony.
«fra bernardo» aims to cover also white spots on the map of early music. this has already lead to many world premiere recordings such as manus by Lulier, Costanzi, Erlebach and Veracini.

coming in november | LA RUE MASSES coming in january | KUR-CONCERT IN MERAN