Palpiti del cuore 

Venice, Rome, Naples witnessed the birth of the compositions found on this CD, places with pasts of thriving musical communities. In addition, these contained some of the greatest artistic innovation of the time. The «stile moderno», which marks the beginning of a new period in music, has its origins in Italy in the late 16th ­century, when composers such as Claudio Monteverdi and Giulio ­Caccini created a new «expressive» style, soon to affect the development of the whole of occidental music.


La Botta Forte

Magali Arnault Stanczak   soprano

Shai Kribus  oboe & recorder

Katya Polin  violin & recorder

Alexandra Polin   viola da gamba

Josep Maria Martí Duran   theorbo, archlute & baroque guitare

Damien Desbenoit   harpsichord & organ