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From the list of his surviving compositions and the number of their sources, Firmin Caron was clearly highly esteemed in the second half of the fifteenth century, particularly as a composer of French chansons. Most sources of his works are of Italian provenance; nonetheless the oldest French sources, from around 1470, leave little doubt that the composer himself was a Frenchman.

Born around 1440 in Amiens and probably trained at the choir school, he developed his original musical language there under the stylistic influence of Guillaume Dufay.


Firminus Caron (ca. 1440 – ca. 1475)

Missa « Accueilly m’a la belle »
Missa « Sanguis sanctorum »
Missa « Jesus autem »
Missa « L’homme armé »
Missa « Clemens et benigna »

« Cuidez vous »
« Du tout ainsi »
« Accueilly m’a la belle »
« Mort ou mercy »
« S’il est ainsy »
« Hélas m’amour »
« Le despourveu »

the sound and the fury
David Erler   countertenor
John Potter    tenor
Christian Wegmann    tenor
Colin Mason    bass
Michael Mantaj    bass
Guest : Sven Schwannberger    lute

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