Zangmeester Matthæus Pipelare

In short, Pipelare’s striking personality becomes apparent through hearing and analysing his masses rather than from the meagre details of his life. It is as if he redefines polyphonic composition with each work, rather than reverting to the tried and tested as say Jakob Obrecht did. There is nothing immediately recognisable, nothing that sounds even vaguely familiar, nothing can be categorised, rather everything sounds new, fresh, lively – wilfully individual!


Matthaeus Pipelare (ca. 1450 – ca. 1515)

Missa Dicit Dominus
Missa Pour entretenir mes amours
Missa L’homme armé
Missa Fors seulement

the sound and the fury
David Erler   countertenor
John Potter   tenor
Christian Wegmann   tenor
Hans Jörg Mammel   tenor
Michael Mantaj   bass
Joachim Höchbauer   bass

« paradise regained » – renaissance polyphonie
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